Arrive in Chiang Mai Shadowless queue at 12.20 today.

Chiang Mai, Today (14 May) it's time to arrive in Chiang Mai Province, shadowless at 12.20. The phenomenon of the sun setting perpendicular makes objects in the sun appear to have no shadow. It can be said to be a phenomenon that surprised Chiang Mai residents who just heard the news and had to take photos. Some people say it will be 60 years since he was born. I just found out that this phenomenon exists. The second time in Chiang Mai it will happen again on 28 July. Atmosphere in the Mueang District area Chiang Mai Province Today from noon onwards Starting to lose sight of the shadows of objects and people. After the National Astronomical Research Institute revealed that May 14 will be the shadowless Chiang Mai queue. Around 12.20 p.m., which is a phenomenon in which the sun will orbit exactly perpendicular to Chiang Mai Province. Make the time when the sun sets. Objects in the sunlight will appear shadowless. Because the shadow falls directly under the object. It can be seen that the people of Chiang Mai Passers-by and office workers who start walking out to buy food during lunch. I started not seeing my own shadow anymore. which many Chiang Mai people say It is considered a very new phenomenon. Never seen this before When observing, it was clear that there were no shadows so that the image had to be recorded. While some people said that they were born to be 60 years old, I just found out and when I tried to observe it, I was surprised that I couldn't see my real reflection. This phenomenon has no effect on temperature or weather conditions. This is because the day the sun sets is not necessarily the hottest day. This type of sunrise occurs 2 times a year during April-May. and during July-September Because Thailand is located at a latitude of 5-20 degrees north, the sun passes near the point overhead. or perpendicular to the area Each province in Thailand has different days and times when the sun sets phenomenon occurs. This time in Chiang Mai Province is the first time and will happen again on July 28 at ap proximately 12.31 hrs. Source: Thai News Agency

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