Arrested “Papa Yupin”, deceiving investment in lottery quotas, damaged 50 million

Bangkok, May 27 – Investigating the Metropolitan Police arrested "Pa Yupin" for deceiving investment in the government lottery quota, causing more than 50 million baht in damages. but was attacked by villains and win the lottery

According to the policy of Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, Police Commander, to crack down on organized crime networks that commit all kinds of crimes, causing trouble to many honest citizens. By the online patrol team, SorSorBorChor.AM, together with the PCT5 set, learned about the suffering of more than 20 government lottery traders in Tak Province, complaining that they had been traded by Aunt Thong or Yupin, who knew and used to trade. Government lottery for more than 10 years, from about 2007 to 2017, with the accused being a reliable speaker. Has persuaded the victims that they can provide cheap government lottery tickets for sale. But must bring cash to the accused as a deposit first

When the group of victims believes that the money has been deposited It's time to deliver the lottery. did not return the government lottery as agreed But the accused returned the money which the accused claimed was profit. A certain amount was given to the victims instead. Without returning the deposit to each group of victims in any way which is not in accordance with what has been agreed upon Because the group of victims wants to sell the lottery by themselves. When the group of victims inquired about the deposit for purchasing government lottery tickets that have not yet been received. The accused only spoke evasively. Claims to use such money to pay for the next lottery ticket The deposit cannot be refunded. In which the accused acted in such a way many times until around 2017, the group of victims inquired about the government lottery deposit with the accused more which should put a lot of pressure on the accused therefore escaped from the area

The victims then gathered together to complain to the investigators of Muang Tak Police Station to prosecute. Until the Tak Provincial Court approved an arrest warrant No. 9/2560 dated January 12, 2017 to arrest Mrs. Orin or Yupin for the offense of "fraud" after the accused escaped and the court Consider approving the arrest warrant for the aforementioned accused. There are still no police officers. or the victim receives news Or follow up and arrest the accused. The total damage value is more than 50 million baht. Assist in investigating and arresting

Maj. Gen. Teeradet Thamsutee, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, therefore gave it to the police. The news analysis and special tools of the Royal Thai Police, together with the police officers, PCT5, rushed to investigate to follow up and arrest the said accused to proceed with the legal proceedings quickly. Because it is considered a trouble for the people and the accused have behaviors that are dangerous to society.

On May 26, 2023 at approximately 4:30 p.m., Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saeng, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pol. Theeradet Thamsutee, Deputy Superintendent of the National Police Service Commission, Pol.Col. Voraphot Rungkrachang, Pol.Col. Pol. Lt. Col. Chakrawut Klaynin, Director of News Analysis and Special Tools, Pol. Lt. Col. Yingyot Leechaianan, Pol. Lt. Col. Patcharapong Kanchanawatsri, deputy superintendent of news analysis and special tools, SorSorSorNorSor, Pol. Lt. Col. Sompong Ketrati, inspector of news analysis and special tools, SorSorSorNor. with a police force of the 5th Operations Group, news analysis and special tools SorSorSorSorBorNor.Nor.Nor.Nor.Sor.Nor.Sor.Nor.N.M. together with the PCT5 police officers jointly investigate and arrest Ms. Ora-In or Yupin, 55, the accused under the arrest warrant from Tak Provincial Court No. 9/2560 dated January 12. 2017, alleging "fraud"

can be arrested in front of a building in Tambon Ban Mai Pak Kret District Nonthaburi Province At the arrest stage, the accused denied all the allegations. Claiming that he had no intention of causing the crime, along with the claim that he was unable to deliver the government lottery tickets to the victims as scheduled Because on the day he went to pick up the government lottery, he was attacked by criminals and took the government lottery. As a result, the government lottery cannot be delivered to the group of victims as promised. In addition, the reason that he fled from the area of Tak Province for more than 6 years was because he was afraid that he would be attacked by a group of people who had followed and threatened him. Ever thought of going back to surrender? But due to fear of danger, he fled to find employment in Bangkok and Nonthaburi areas.

which the investigative police arrested did not believe the words Because 1 day earlier, he fooled the police officers in the arrest uniform until the head turned the police into sympathy. make a delay Until causing Aunt Thong to have the opportunity to climb the fence behind the house to narrowly escape the arrest of the arresting police officers Police officers with the same arresting set accelerated the investigation and were able to trace and arrest this accused back. They were arrested in front of the T2 building in Muang Thong Thani. The police therefore brought the accused to the investigating officer of Muang Tak Police Station for further legal proceedings.

Maj. Gen. Teeradet Thammasutee, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police, has warned people that in today's society, there are many forms of scams and scams. Ask people to please use their consciousness in living in society. delusionally Because crooks often use greed profit altruism come as a point of temptation for the people to be fooled Should be conscious in analyzing the behavior of scams. Whether it's a fraud or not, inform the police to check. Or report a clue about the offense to the "IDMB Metropolitan Investigation" page 24 hours a day, even if it is a case with not much damage. But if it's a case where the people are in trouble, we will do it immediately according to the policy of Pol. Gen. Damrongsak. Kittipraphat, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Police

Source: Thai News Agency

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