Another broker indicted on fraud charges in Optimus fund scam case

SEOUL, The prosecution has indicted one more broker on charges of fraud in connection with the investigation into an investment fund scam case centered on Optimus Asset Management, judicial sources said Tuesday.
The Seoul Central District Prosecutors Office arrested and charged the 57-year-old former journalist, surnamed Son, with fraud and violation of the Attorney-at-Law Act on Dec. 30 in connection with the massive fund scam.
Son is accused of taking 630 million won (US$572,830) from current and former executives of Haeduk Powerway Co., a parts manufacturer for shipbuilding, from January to July in 2019. He reportedly insisted on handling legal complaints filed against them during the takeover process of the company.
In 2019, the manufacturer was acquired by Optimus, suspected of soliciting funds worth about 1.2 trillion won from thousands of people for investments in public institutions. Instead, Optimus was found to have funneled most of the money into risky assets, which resulted in huge losses.
Son’s detention was temporarily suspended by a court order last Tuesday, as he tested positive for the new coronavirus. He has been transferred to a residential treatment center for patients with mild symptoms, according to sources.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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