Ankara can unfreeze Turkish Stream project (exclusive)

Turkey can unfreeze the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project initiated by Russia, Turkey's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources told Trend June 28.

Currently, this issue is under consideration, said the ministry.

"The exact date of unfreezing the project is yet to be determined," said the ministry.

Russia abandoned the South Stream project in December 2014 in favor of the new Turkish Stream gas pipeline. Russia said "the EU's non-constructive position" was the reason for the project's suspension.

However, the Turkish Stream project was also frozen due to the deterioration of political relations between Moscow and Ankara.

The implementation of the Turkish Stream project envisaging Russian gas supply to Turkey through the Black Sea was suspended by Russia on Dec.3, 2015 after the deterioration of the relations with Turkey over the SU-24 incident.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin said in June that Moscow has not completely abandoned South Stream or Turkey Stream gas pipeline projects, however, it is necessary to know that stance of the European Commission.

Source: Trend

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