Actor champions living for dream job

By Kim Bo-eun

Allan Choi, a 40-year-old Korean-American, aocates the idea of discovering your passion and pursuing your dream job.

It took 20 years of wandering around in creative writing, writing manuals for a software company, usability research and teaching English until he was finally able to star in a film

He discovered his passion for acting in high school when he was in the US, but it hardly seemed possible for him to succeed in achieving his dream there.

“People said, lsquoYou’re Asian. There’s no way you’re going to make it ? how many Asian actors do you see on TV and in movies?'” Choi recalled.

“Plus, I’m not good looking, just average or scary looking,” he said laughing.

However, while doing all that meandering, he took filmmaking courses and attempted to get into acting.

The door opened for Choi after he came to Korea for a teaching position. A friend working on video projects asked him to be part of a music video, which in turn led him to take a role in another feature film called “Amiss. ”

“It was like the 20 years of pent-up desires came out ? I had this moment,” Choi said.

“I felt like I had been missing out on something I was meant to do ? that acting was when I was the happiest. ”

Choi also got involved in production through the film and its director, which he says has provided him with a greater scope of experience in the field.

As a producer, he is making a film on expat indie musicians in Hongdae, people with dreams but who have yet to reach their goals ? which he says reflects his own standing.

“It’s very much me. I’m starting at a late stage and I’m realistic about it ? I don’t have fantasies about becoming a huge star But that’s okay because doing something you love ? that in itself is a success,”

Choi says he’d be happy if he could earn enough to make a comfortable living from film work.

But until then, he has realistic concerns to take into consideration, such as supporting himself and his wife, as well as starting a family. So Choi continues to teach.

“I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to strike a balance,” he said.

But in the meantime, he will think about the role he wants to play next, and see how things go.

“Because life is kind of funny ? you never know what will happen next.”

SOURCE: The Korea Times

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