A mother complains that her son was attacked by a group of hot-headed youths who suffered a fractured skull.

Uttaradit, A mother complains to the media that her son was attacked by a group of dozens of hot-headed youths until he was unconscious on the spot. Requesting police to quickly catch the group of teenagers and bring them to justice. Ms. Som (pseudonym), a villager in Village No. 4, Tha Sao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Uttaradit Province, and Mr. A (pseudonym), 21 years old, a 3rd year student at a university in Uttaradit Province, evidence clip from CCTV while being gangbanged. attack along with the case diary of Mueang Uttaradit Police Station and photos of the wound Complain to the media After his son was attacked and suffered a skull fracture Had to stay and recover at Uttaradit Hospital for 3 days, even though the doctor recently allowed him to come home to rest and monitor his symptoms. But there are also headaches, toothaches, and the inability to chew food. Mr. A said that he was riding a motorcycle with his girlfriend. After parting ways with a group of friends who went to an entertainment venue on Jesadabodin Road Uttaradit Municipality Before reaching Nong Pha intersection He noticed a group of young people riding motorcycles, so he turned into Dee Udom intersection. and turn back at the U-turn. But when riding to the mouth of the alley, there were teenagers waiting. Then he kicked his motorcycle, which had his girlfriend riding on the back, and fell. A group of teenagers on motorcycles joined them. They all ganged up and stomped. Use a helmet to hit until you're unconscious. Before a good citizen came to help inform 1669 and take him to Uttaradit Hospital. Mr. A further said that after the car fell and he was attacked, he lost consciousness and came to his senses again at Uttaradit Hospital. Initially, it is not known for what reason he was attacked. Because I went with 6 friends, I didn't have any problems with anyone. When looking at the clip, we don't know the group that attacked themselves. Counting 10 people in total, they intended to take their girlfriend to eat porridge and then go home. F ortunately, his girlfriend was not hurt either. Meanwhile, Mr. A's mother said she was shocked when she saw the condition of her son being attacked. He tried to ask his son about who he had problems with. He said he didn't have any and didn't know him. I don't know why a group of teenagers chased and attacked him. Watching the clip, it is very cruel and heartless. How can people who don't know each other do such harm to others? In just 1 minute, the son passed out on the spot. The mother tried to walk through the store where her son had been attacked. to request clips from the incident as evidence A good citizen took a photo and kept it and handed it over. and appealed to government officials to quickly arrest the perpetrators Mom will just ask, 'Why do you do it to my mother's child?' Pol. Col. Kraisit Phrompatima, Uttaradit city chief, said that the police in charge of the case are rushing to collect evidence. Initially, Mr. A was called to provide details. Watch from CCTV and organized an investigative t eam to go to the area to follow up. They would have to call Mr. A's girlfriend. A group of friends who go to an entertainment venue Let's give details. which will speed up tracking down the perpetrators to investigate and prosecute. Source: Thai News Agency

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