A kind-hearted man builds houses for the poor.

Saraburi, An 87-year-old man is deaf and blind. Living with two mentally ill sons, getting a new house. After having a generous rich man Village project owner Moving forward with the dream of building houses for the poor At Village No. 8, Tha Chang Subdistrict, Sao Hai District, Saraburi Province, next to Huai Bun Temple. There are kind adults. Let's build houses for the poor. Today, a kindhearted person gave a house to Tajan Sunanta, 87 years old, who is hard of hearing. My eyes can't see well. Lives with two sons, age 63 years and age 59, who are not mentally well. Because he had been electrocuted and nearly died. Both are disabled. old house lived in Built as an old zinc shed raised high. galvanized roofing The inside of the house is cramped, cluttered, the house's roof is damaged, water leaks from the rain, and sleeping is difficult. Until a generous rich man went out of his pocket to build the house of his dreams. Mr. Prasit Anaman, or Mr. Lek, a kindhearted person, said that he has known the owner o f this house for a long time. I have always seen the hardships of living a difficult life in the old house. When we are successful in our careers, when we have status, we see that they are still struggling. So I want to help build a house. Grandfather Chan Sunanta told reporters that she was very happy to see the new house. It is strong, spacious, accommodates three people comfortably, and the sound echoes like a church. As for the old, bad, decayed house, many people can't afford it. There must be 1 person below and 2 people above. Now he has no income at all. There is only 700 baht per month for the elderly. Rice is expensive. Food is expensive. Since Covid came in, it has been difficult. Thank you to the kind people. May you be rich and may you only be happy and comfortable. Source: Thai News Agency

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