A blasphemous peacemaker in the confrontation and division, a rebel group

The historic New Year's Day, which has a sublime brotherhood and a warm unification patriotism, has a great anticipation and devotion to all the people of South Korea, as well as to the peace, prosperity and unity of the Korean peninsula.

However, south korean conservative gangs are contrary to the expectations and aspirations of the people, and the current trend.

Conservative opposition parties including conservative opposition parties and conservative media said that "the promise of denuclearization of North Korea is merely correct", "a high-level strategy to shake up the ROK-US alliance and create South-South conflict" We should not start inter-Korean cooperation before we do that. "

The hysterical seizure of the conservative gangs, who stir up the confrontation from the beginning of the New Year, is causing a great disaster both inside and outside.

When we see that there is no sound other than the opposition of the people in the mouths of the soldiers in history, this confrontation mangdong is nothing but the pernicious ridicule of those who face destruction as the extension.

In the past year, conservative gangs have searched the ramifications of North Korea-South Korea relations for the prospect of a pro-ROK revolution and for taking active and drastic measures for it, saying "I can not believe the authenticity," "disguised peace offensive" It inspired the confrontation of the Republic.

When the North-South summit reunions and talks are underway and the Panmunjom Declaration and the Pyongyang Joint Declaration were adopted, the North Koreans and the North Korean Navy will continue their efforts to improve relations between North and South Korea and peace in the Korean peninsula. I have done my best to prevent the hard-line advance of the people to realize.

Even though the dogs bark, the procession goes on. The confrontation of the conservative gangs Mangdong has not survived the curse and condemnation of the nation, and remarkable achievements have been achieved in the North-South relationship.

South Koreans have witnessed dramatic changes and phenomenal realities in the North-South relationship during the past year, and they have clearly noticed that there is nothing that this world can do if they join forces.

In response to the precious achievements of last year, which are now well decorated with unprecedented affairs, we will appeal to the patriotic patriot in order to make further progress in the struggle for the development of the North-South relationship, peace prosperity and national unity in the new year in 2019 Ahn said, "Let's unify our nation among Koreans" and "Let's refuse the interference of foreign powers."

The improvement of North-South relations, the peace and prosperity of the Korean peninsula, and the fierce struggle of the South Korean people who aim for unification are making people more frustrated with the confrontation and the rebellious groups of rebels who are paralyzed by confrontation and division.

Even if all the gossip and bad deeds of the rebellious people are shattered, we can never stop the trend of opening up the peaceful prosperity of the Joseon peninsula and the prime of unification by thoroughly carrying out the historic North and South Korean declarations.

Source: Korean Central News Agency

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