4 police officers test positive after mass rally in central Seoul

SEOUL, Four police officers who were dispatched to a mass weekend rally site have tested positive for the new coronavirus as of Thursday, heightening alert over additional infections in the police force.
The infected police officers were among some 7,600 who were mobilized to maintain safety at areas near Gwanghwamun and the Gyeongbok Palace station in central Seoul on Saturday.
Thousands of people, mostly elderly participants, gathered in the area to attend anti-government rallies that were held in line with Liberation Day.
Police said the four officers have remained under home isolation and did not go outdoors after the weekend duty. They will soon be sent to hospitals near their homes.
As of Thursday, more than 600 members of a church whose pastor led the anti-government rally have tested positive. Eighteen others who attended the rally have also been infected.
In addition to those who were mobilized for the rally, at least six officers at Hyehwa, Gwangjin and Gwanak police stations in Seoul have also tested positive.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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