4 activists attend arrest warrant hearing for attempting to trespass at presidential office

Four liberal student activists attended a court hearing Friday in connection with their attempt to break into the presidential office in central Seoul in January. The hearing took place at the Seoul Western District Court, four months after 20 members of the Korean Progressive University Student Union (KPUSU) were apprehended while attempting to trespass at the presidential office compound in the Yongsan district. Before the attempt, they had staged a protest outside the compound, demanding a special probe into first lady Kim Keon Hee and a meeting with presidential officials. At that time, police requested arrest warrants for 10 of them but the court rejected all of them. One of the students attending the court hearing is among the 10 students whose arrest warrant was dismissed in January. The Seoul Yongsan Police Station recently applied for an arrest warrant for the four KPUSU members, including those who were not present at the scene of the attempted trespass. Source: Yonhap News Agency

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