19.3% of Cypriot workers are low-wage earners

The proportion of low-wage earners among employees amounted to 17.2% in 2014 in the European Union (EU) and 19.3% in Cyprus according to Eurostat. This means that they earned two-thirds or less of the national median gross hourly earnings. In Cyprus this means that they received Median gross hourly earnings of 8.3 euro, with the threshold set at 5.6 euro per hour.

The proportion of low wage earners varies significantly between Member States in 2014. The highest percentages were observed in Latvia (25.5%), Romania (24.4%), Lithuania (24.0%) and Poland (23.6%), followed by Estonia (22.8%), Germany (22.5%), Ireland (21.6%) and the United Kingdom (21.3%). In contrast, less than 10% of employees were low wage earners in Sweden (2.6%), Belgium (3.8%), Finland (5.3%), Denmark (8.6%), France (8.8%) and Italy (9.4%).

Across Member States, the highest national median

Source: Cyprus News Agency

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