11 youths surrender, claiming they misunderstood the gang rape and stabbing at the wrong person.

Bangkok: A group of 11 young men and women have surrendered for causing an incident riding a motorcycle and chasing down teenagers, killing one and injuring another, claiming they were misunderstood. Think of it as the other party. Already surrendered, 11 youths riding a motorcycle chased the motorcycles of youths aged 15-17 years, riding in third place through the area of ??Wat Khae Nai. Mueang Nonthaburi District before attacking and used a knife to stab a 15-year-old youth in the left chest, causing death, while his 16-year-old friend who was sitting with him He was slashed and stabbed in the middle of his back. while another friend was able to run away. In this case, investigators removed CCTV cameras. Follow the escape route of the youth gang. Until the culprit was fully identified Before the parents of the youth group that caused the incident They will bring their children and grandchildren to surrender, with 10 people admitting to actually committing the crime as shown in the clip, but another 1 pers on who is a woman confirms that she was only involved in the incident but did not take action. As for the cause, they claim that they misunderstood that the parties were a group of people who had previously had problems with each other. come first When seen driving past So they chased and attacked him. Initially, they were charged with conspiring to harm another person Source: Thai News Agency

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